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Facebook Multi Product Ads Generator

With Facebook multi product ads you can include five items, say shoes, jacket, swimsuit and two more in one “carousel” ad. Each item with its own title, description and destination link. Marketers can now display a richer format in the Facebook Newsfeed!

Lower CPC - Higher CTR

Ecommerce companies used this approach and saw its click-through-rates increase as much as 42% and its cost per acquisition decrease between 42% and 45%. (Source: Facebook.com) - twice the speed to reach your ROI !

Low cost – unlimited posts – one tool

With Socialised.de Facebook Multi Products Ads Generator there is no need for any other tool. Build as many posts for your fanpages as you like. There is no limit.
No monthly costs! No user limit! – Try for free!

Andreas Deuchler - Buffalo Boots

"Facebook Multi Product Ads are a great way to draw attention to the wide range of our brand. The Facebook Multi Product Ad Generator from socialised.de platform supports the creation of effective, fast, and reliable Facebook campaigns."

Thomas Hutter – Hutter Consult GmbH

"With this tool we can work faster and better as anybody else on the market. Socialised.de MPAG is what we searched for long time"

Thomas Schulte – next home collection

"We tried the socialised Facebook Multi Products Ads Generator for several U.S. campaigns and it did what it should. It worked and delivered results within minutes"